Picture Books That Complement The Curriculum

Westward To Oregon

illustrated by John English

Rigby 2000

ISBN 0-763-6797-3

Lizzie loves everything about her family's journey to Oregon by wagon train. But then her father goes hunting and doesn't come back. Can Lizzie save her mother and her little brother?

The Mystery of the Clever Cat.

  Illustrated by Vicki Learner

Rigby 2004

ISBN 0-7578-1368-2

How is Cinnamon getting into the house? Marc has to find out before Papa gets angry!

Who Did It?

   Illustrated by Stacey Schuett

Rigby 2004

ISBN 0-7578-1444-1

When Marcos and Clara start to unpack their equipment at their campsite, they find that someone has made a mess in the car. Who is sabotaging their stuff?

Where Is Kitty?

  Illustrated by Burgandy Beam

Rigby 2008

ISBN 1-4189-3198-5 (small book)

Maria’s life on the farm is lonely. She hopes to find a friend when she comes to the city with her papa to sell vegetables. But when her favorite kitten gets lost, all Maria can think about is finding kitty.

The Birthday Surprise

    Illustrated by Cynthia Fisher

Rigby 2004

ISBN 0-7578-1356-9

It’s Frank’s birthday, but everyone is down the street at Anna’s house. Will Frank have to spend his birthday all alone?