Neat Books Related to The Deeper Song

Books that give insight into the place of women in ancient and modern culture:

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Wolkstein, Diane, and Samuel Noah Kramer. Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer. New York: Harper & Row, 1983. 

The internet didn't exist in its present form when I began writing The Deeper Song so I didn't use it for research. But here are some interesting sites about Jerusalem and the time of Solomon.

The Temple Mount In Jerusalem As everyone is aware, Jerusalem is the heart of several of the world's religions. This site explains much about the history and religious and archeological studies of the city, including information on Solomon's temple, which is mentioned in The Deeper Song. (

Take a Virtual Tour of Jerusalem.  These photos of modern day Jerusalem give a sense of what the ancient city was like as well. (