Neat books about lighthouses and lighthouse keepers.

•The following books have historical information and stunning photographs of lighthouses on the Great Lakes:

◦Hyde, Charles K. The Northern Lights: Lighthouses of the Upper Great Lakes. Color photographs by Ann and John Mahan. Lansing, MI: TwoPeninsula Press, 1986.

◦Roberts, Bruce and Ray Jones. Great Lakes Lighthouses. Old Saybrook, CT: The Globe Pequot Press, 1994.

•For more information on women lighthouse keepers see:

◦Clifford, Marry Louise and J. Candace Clifford. Women Who Kept The Lights. An Illustrated History of Female Lighthouse Keepers. Williamsburg, VA: Cypress Communications, 1993.

•The shore of Lake Superior near Munising is known as "The Graveyard" because of the large number of ships that have wrecked on its rocky coastline. For more information see:

◦Stonehouse, Fredrick. Munising Shipwrecks. Au Train, MI: Avery Color Studios, 1983.

Neat Lighthouse Links

•National Maritime Initiative -tells you what to do to help preserve lighthouses.(

•Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse -a cool tour of a lighthouse in Florida. (

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum -This museum on Lake Superior has lots of information about lighthouses. I did much of my research here. The site has photos from the museum, an online store, and links to other good sites. (

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